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    FursonaVille Furry Forum

    I recently started this forum. I don't expect it to go anywhere necessarily, but I've been surprised before. ;) FursonaVille is a general forum for furs 13 and up. Proboards is cautious about adult content, so that's the best I could do. :) Located here...
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    To my fellow Jewish heritage Furres, Happy Channukah! I may not be exactly practicing, but I'm almost 100% Jewish by birth... -Nova
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    Species that go well together?

    Haha! I literally laughed out loud at this! -Nova
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    Roleplaying Paradise Forum!

    I have created a forum specifically for written, story telling RPGs (not the Dungeons & Dragons kind). I'm hoping to get a few members, so I'm posting the link: http://roleplayingpardise.proboards.com/ -Nova
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    What kind of fur are YOU?

    I'm a dragon, but I have a tendency to be "indecisive" so I chose shifter... -Nova
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    Cryptozoological experiences (paranormal sightings)

    I actually see them, but only to an extent. They are "fuzzy", and hard to make out other than some vague outlines, but it's enough to scare me! -Nova
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    Gay Marriage presentation

    Normally I would answer these questions, being bisexual, myself, and having dated a few other women...but I think you should do your own research, and back it up. Do you have an academic search that you can use for your school? -Nova
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    Cryptozoological experiences (paranormal sightings)

    That's what I was about to say. The photo is not real. It's a dog that is photoshopped. As for cryptozoology, there were many animals that were once cryptozoological creatures, but are now known to be real, just like Skittle pointed out. However, I have to say that it was too dark to know for...
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    Move along, nothing to see here

    *Nomnomnom* Mmmm! Chocolatey! -Nova
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    Fursonas and the Enneagram

    No, I'm afraid not. I'm referring to the enneagram in this specific "study". You are referring to a different system, Myers Briggs. -Nova
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    Fursonas and the Enneagram

    The Enneagram is a personality profile system, using numbers 1-9 as types, and each type also has a "wing", which is an extension into another type. I want to see if fursona species relate in any way to personality types. Please take this quiz, the first...
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    So I probably should make an obligatory intro thread....

    Hrm...perhaps you should be a machine-furry? Half joking, of course... Welcome! -Nova
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    hi there :3

    Welcome! Your name is epic! -Nova
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    Questions For The Fandom

    1. How did you come by the fandom? I came here through therianthropy, yes I identify as canine/dragon mindset. 2. What drew you into the group? I've always been a furry, if you ask me. I used to draw anthropomorphic art as a child, granted I was never great at it...I wore tails, wings, so...
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    Sooo... Do you think species choice reflects a person's personality?

    Agreed! Shiny things too. That's a good assessment for me too. -Nova