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  1. nurematsu

    Super Smash Bros.

    Haha, kinda stinks that I won't be able to make it to a tournament. Got work to do :P But to answer the previous question, I most definitely will be buying both versions
  2. nurematsu

    Super Smash Bros.

    I preordered at a gamestop in a mall, so I highly doubt there will be a midnight release there :P But I work past midnights on weekdays anyway, so I'm definitely going to be picking up my physical copy Friday morning. Most looking forward to playing Little Mac, Rosalina, Pac Man, and Robin...
  3. nurematsu

    Nintendo Direct (3DS games)

    My only guess is that it's going to be about games we've seen before, just new videos and more information about them. Animal Crossing is most likely going to be a big one to discuss. I don't think they will mention MiiVerse for 3DS until E3 this year.
  4. nurematsu

    Question about a 3DS art app

    I sure do! I haven't done a lot of research toward those art programs though. My only concern is the lack of a stylus, but I'm sure I can learn
  5. nurematsu

    Question about a 3DS art app

    That's good to know. I do have a Wacom bamboo tablet for my PC, but no laptop for portable digital art. This may be a good option, especially since my 3DS is a XL. I'll look into it
  6. nurematsu

    Question about a 3DS art app

    Has anybody here used the Colors!3D app? I'm interested in playing around with it, but I'd like some input from anybody who has used it. Is it easy to learn? What sorts of features are available? Is it worth the cost to download? I appreciate any response I get!
  7. nurematsu

    Do any other furs find scented oils and such interesting?

    Does it count that I always have to stop and smell the scented candles in department stores?
  8. nurematsu

    Wrong Number Blues

    I just got a new phone number and I've been getting so many calls from telemarketers for the person who had the number before me. It's starting to drive me nuts
  9. nurematsu

    Favorite OCremix song/album?

    This is why I prefer ocremix, actually. Sure I may not find remixes of all the songs I'd like, but I know they've been inspected for quality. Though there are mixes that don't mesh well with me, be they of a genre I don't care for or simply not pleasing to my ears |3
  10. nurematsu

    Favorite OCremix song/album?

    OCremix takes up a good amount of space in my iPod :3 A few of my favorite albums are Threshold of a Dream, Heroes vs Villains, Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors part 1, Harmony of a Hunter, Reserve Tank VARIAtions, and BadAss I have several favorite songs that aren't featured in albums as...
  11. nurematsu

    What are some species stereotypes?

    Big cats: dominant in general Small cats: playful Dogs: Social, enjoy group activities Wolves: somewhat dominant, tend to organize groups or stick to themselves Huskies: playful, promiscuous Foxes: submissive, promiscuous, tricky Coyotes: spiritual, nature-buffs, a bit wild Otters...
  12. nurematsu

    my newest drawing/Tattoo i'm getting!

    looks like a design that would appear on ugliesttattoos.failblog.org
  13. nurematsu

    Are females better artists?

    I don't think gender is a valid factor in determining how good one's art is. That being said, it really doesn't make a difference what gender the artist is. Artists can come from anywhere. The real question is how one defines "good art". Is a more realistic picture better than a cartoon-style...
  14. nurematsu

    Pizza is now a vegetable

    Actually, I'm pretty sure they also named french fries as a vegetable in the same movement
  15. nurematsu

    Pizza is now a vegetable

    When I heard that for the first time, I facepalmed so hard... and in more recent news, bottled water does not fight dehydration (study done in Europe). If image macros were allowed, now would be the time I bring in Professor Farnsworth with his line, "I don't want to live on this planet...