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  • Oh, shit. >.<

    Gahh, brass. The one instrument I feel I've had the most trouble learning is a brass instrument. Pecussion? Pretty easy. Woodwinds? With the exception of flute, pretty easy. Strings? A little tough. Brass? gahhh

    And I'll take note, lol. Seemed a little more logical than marching the equivalent of a stick made to look like a saxophone
    Huh, cool. I played alto and baritone sax for a while myself, but I'm currently a percussionist.
    (I'm a little poor in catching the exact specifications of "Soprano" as an isolated term, so I'm assuming it's a saxophone. correct me if i'm wrong)

    Still in high school, mind you.

    I haven't touched a sax in a while, I think it would do me good to look into that
    That's outstanding! My friend actually just made Phantom Regiment this year, and he's still in high school. Sucks to hear you weren't able to march a year, though.

    What instrument were you?
    Uhh, sure! Sometime, perhaps. Finals and such this week while also getting as stoned as possible in between. (Well, not really... But yes, a bit.) That said you can do one of two things. One, send me another message here on FAF in another week reminding me. If I don't respond then, then I've probably been abducted by molesters.

    Or Two, find me on the main FA and send me a note. :3
    Hmmmm... it's pretty empty in here isn't it...

    *has himself a little cry*
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