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    Whats your Job Title/what do you do?

    In school to study creative writing. I hope to go into editing or fall into the local writing scene. As for job, I work at my college's cafeteria and over the summer, I'll hopefully have an internship that pays.
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    Cale Kaleb Casey
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    Spooky: Current Fursona WIP

    I was thinking grey to stand against mostly black that he wears. I don't really have colors on me (broken tablet and have rent to pay, not much disposable income). I might pick up some pens to ink in my drawings and give some color. For now its mostly greys and blacks and whites
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    I have been eating one chocolate bunny for three days

    I have been eating one chocolate bunny for three days
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    Spooky: Current Fursona WIP

    Its okay. I didn't feel like stress out over drawing arms. I haven't drawn in a long time so I basically relearning.
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    Spooky: Current Fursona WIP

    No, that was just some pose I found while looking up references. I assume the pose is supposed to be stretching arms behind the back.
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    Spooky: Current Fursona WIP

    So I'm working on my first fursona. Spooky is currently just a working name. He is based off two interest of mine: goth fashion and tarot cards/divination. I always liked greyhounds. There is something about their long snoots that are really pretty cute. I am still fleshing out his design. I'm...
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    Too much Easter candy

    Too much Easter candy
  9. OddOcculitist

    I wanna post my artwork on Fur Affinity, but I also don't want to...

    I post my stuff (poeticoccult) on FA despite the same issues. I recently started drawing again after four-ish years of not. My tablet got broken a lot time ago. I'm currently at college and don't want to upload my art on their scanners. (There are already a few loonies here, I don't want to be...
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    Want to draw again after 4ish years of not

    I have been doodling again and I realized how much I missed drawing. I stopped drawing after high school because my writing major and other school stuff took up most of my time. That and my sister broke my tablet when I went back to school last year. I remember drawing really helped with my...
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    How much of the fandom is satirical in nature?

    I was just going to say that. Especially involving hyper anything.
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    How do you make your coffee/tea?

    Both I tend to drink hot and black. I like the bitter taste and I'm normally too busy to get out cream and sugar.
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    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    Do I even want to know what that is?
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    Hopped on the Zelda Train Very Late

    I just watched my roommate beat Ocarina. I didn't have the sense of patience to get through it. I would like to play Skyward, but I don't think our wii works any more.
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    I ate all the fruit snacks I bought today...I feel sad now

    I ate all the fruit snacks I bought today...I feel sad now