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  1. Odjit-Sanura

    Furs By Species 2

    White Toy-ger here (white tiger mixed with domestic maine coone for reference)
  2. Odjit-Sanura

    Comissions open! 5$ Quickies!

    I am trying to save up to go to a festival with my friends, for a very specific reason with sentimental value attatched to me being there for my friends. Its comming up at the end of July, and I need monies to go...but its one of those festivals that I ABSOLUTELY have to be there.....and to my...
  3. Odjit-Sanura

    Halloween Costume Contest

    thats the whole problem...here in canada, PG-13 is considered Rated R by some american standards...cause we allow the showing of the naked boobies up here in movies...as it is legal to bear bare boobs here in ontario...
  4. Odjit-Sanura

    Halloween Costume Contest

    do they have to be PG-13 or can they be G rated? Ive got one ready to go but its really tame
  5. Odjit-Sanura

    Server Hardware Fault

    Happy Furth of July to the neighbours south of Canada! On the note of the serer, I would have donated myself but Im kinda broke from being sick and my paycheck being shorted this month. im glad things will once again after the weekend be back up and running smoothly soon
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    You might be a child of the 80's if....

    you might be a child of the 80's if you: Grew up listening to Queen's Radio Gaga on the radio Consider Van Halen Classic Rock When Mister Hooper on Sesame Stree Died and they explained it to Big Bird Watched on TV: Thundercats, Popples, Silverhawks, Gummi Bears, Smurfs, Transformers...
  7. Odjit-Sanura

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    I cant say ive had a chance to play the N64 version, but i dont think the dreamcast version had online games, but i never tried it either. Lemmings i like playing when i want to hear the cute "oh no" and see a spray of pixels flying off my screen. I still cant beat my mate...
  8. Odjit-Sanura

    What did you get called at school?

    i used to get either Morticia or Wednesday Addams. mostly because im a goth at heart, but dont work at the right places to warrent wearing all black. Im slowly getting color into my wardrobe, but they are very subdued colors...i dont like bright orange or yellow or pink on me clothing wize...
  9. Odjit-Sanura

    Why do YOU put art on FA?

    i post my art here cause i get a better response from my work than the obligatory 'hehe coool" that you get from deviant art. That and this place gives me inspiration, and my friends pimp me out to do comissions through other friends and watchers :-)...
  10. Odjit-Sanura

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    Alot of the games that i miss playing and still play Dungeon Keeper 2 Lemmings (pc) Telengard (commodore 64) Dino Eggs (commodore 64) Zool (SNES) Wetrix (Dreamcast) DRIP (Amiga) Monkey Island (PC) Pocket Tanks (scortched tanks rendition - PC) Chuzzle - (poptab games internet...
  11. Odjit-Sanura

    How many of you have plushies

    I have a few plush toys, and one i actually sleep with cause its more comfey than a bodypillow i have a platypus several teddy bears in multiple colors a orange and black furby a rabbit or two and a white tiger and several popples ummm.....and a wombat
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    Will there ever be a con in Toronto or Niagara Falls?

    that truely is a good question maybe the toronto fur community isnt quite big enough to throw a convention? I know theres a large amount of furs in canada, but considering Toronto is only one place and Canada (or even just ontario) in itself is pretty huge, thats a lot of kilometers you gotta...
  13. Odjit-Sanura

    Free Art! *wile suplies last*

    just as practice for other species, more specifically feline, if you are up to the challenge, id like to see a different artists perspective on a pic of me and my mate being all cuddly and purry...mind you only if you have room. me - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/983640/ - white toyger...
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    Anyone Read Carpe Diem?

    http://www.pholph.com/index_a.php?Strip=1 its a strip called JACK. some ideas will make you laugh, and others will make you break down and cry....i know i did. the link above will take you to the first strip I rather liked carpe diem...not nessessarily for the art but more for the...
  15. Odjit-Sanura

    A friend is looking to commission an artist

    i do comissions as well in various mediums and styles. I dont do yiffy porn tho. I will however do tasteful nudity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/info/odjit-sanura/