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    Check out my recent entries? :D

    Hello!! ^^ I usually go by ghostbbones but here i use an old name oh-sehet. I'm kind of new here, and I say kind of because i've been here since jan 2015 and pretty inactive since then XDDD so i've just returned and back for good :D MY FA + MY PATREON + MY TUMBLR + MY NSFW BLOG Check out...
  2. oh-sehet

    RARE EGG Galaxy Mask Auction (ENDS:1 week)

    SB: $20 (BID INCREASE: $5 USD) AB: TBD HB: NONE YET ENDS WITHIN: October. 6, 2016 TO BID CLICK HERE FINISHED VERS WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS(except more detailed because these are regular eggs and this one is a RARE AUCTION EGG!! ^^ not set price like these: Process: . I will message...
  3. oh-sehet

    Demon Adopt Batch #1

    Hello~~ This is my first batch of demon boy adopts!!! The bid ladder will be on DA and FA! So If you are bidding be aware of what's happening on my DA, I will notify you though so no worries! DA LINK:http://evolbones.deviantart.com/art.....ch-1-598668746 PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE!!! - Minimum bid...
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    ADOPT #1(AUCTION): MONSTER/DEMON BOY ADOPT!!!~~~ 6/29/15 - 7/7/15

    A few more days till the auction is over!!! ^^
  5. oh-sehet

    ADOPT #1(AUCTION): MONSTER/DEMON BOY ADOPT!!!~~~ 6/29/15 - 7/7/15

    Hello! this is my first adopt and first auction!! ^^ This demon/monster boy is up for grabs!!! The auction will be from 6/29/15 TO 7/7/15 PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE Starting Price: $10 USD Minimum Increment of: 5$ USD Auto Buy : $45USD Bid Ladder: (none so far!) RULES: -paypal only -can not...