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  1. Okye

    Bat Furries

    Anyone interested in super simple fursona headshots? I can do bats pretty well. This is the link for more info, aminoapps.com: Headshot Commissions | Furry Amino How have y'all been?
  2. Okye

    A commission rules question

    Some pet stores would be happy to give you "damaged" bags of food at a really good discount. By damaged, it usually means it's been returned or they cut it open by accident.
  3. Okye

    Art Ideas for Practice

    Need species ideas to practice sketching. That's pretty much it.
  4. Okye

    Art of this boy

    I can do a Digital headshot badge using your character and it's name! Some links to examples of previous works: buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: for someone.2 buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: Okye Badge 2 buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: for someone.3 •I can do a more interesting design with...
  5. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    I am not doing anymore free badges currently, if you are still interested in one I have more information on my Amino aminoapps.com: buttermilkdragon Also: if you do it want me to use your badge as an example, message me and I will take it down.
  6. Okye

    Looking for help

    Thank you, I'll definitely look into it!
  7. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: for someone 3.1
  8. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    Yeah sure no problem! It was hard to tell in one of the images but I'll fix it.
  9. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: for someone.3
  10. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: for someone.2
  11. Okye

    Cancelled shows you wish would come back

    Class - the Doctor Who spinoff Wayward Pines - couldn't get enough of that show
  12. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    I'm glad you like it! :D
  13. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    If I liked yours then I'll do it. I wasn't expecting so many replies but after this I might have to start asking for payment. For now these from this thread are free.
  14. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: FOR SOMEONE.1
  15. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    Attach a headshot of your character, and they're name, I would love to make badges(images not physical ones) to practice! I can't guarantee how nice they'll turn out but it will be very helpful for me to work on techniques and my style! Thank you!! Here's an example of one I did for my fursona...