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    For Honor Gives Me A Headache

    Big boy sogoki
  2. Oleg

    For Honor Gives Me A Headache

    Whats your main?
  3. Oleg


    yeah i am in the same boat as you when it comes to furry friends but some people on here are great people you just have to take the inative:)
  4. Oleg

    English grammar, man its hard sometimes

    English grammar, man its hard sometimes
  5. Oleg

    I just joined, but I'm somewhat clueless

    Hello there nice to met ya. we have a lot in common except terraia and that i dont draw :) but anyway if you need any help i can try to help
  6. Oleg


    Hello from the other side of the world, whats up
  7. Oleg


    A bit late, but hey another new guy like me whats up man
  8. Oleg

    League of Legends EUNE furs

    maybe i pick up the game again havnt played in a while
  9. Oleg

    Should I change my sona in to a werewolf

    if your a wolf your half-way there allready :)
  10. Oleg

    Lilitu's First Thread (It's an AMA)

    how did you get started in the furry fandom?
  11. Oleg

    Another New Face Says Hello

    Welcome, so you play monster hunter whats your wepon of choice?
  12. Oleg


    Nice to meet ya, so ya play dnd what your fav class?
  13. Oleg

    Fursona Making Help

    I made mine as a wolf since im lazy, but allso since i like werwolfs. Maybe if you have some pets you can take after, i kind of wana change mine into a dachs now
  14. Oleg

    TMA: Tell Me Anything

    you can get cows to go up stairs but not down
  15. Oleg

    im new. to the furry community. first post on furaffinity

    Hello there, this site was allso my first step into the fandom so if your looking for friends im happy to help:)