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    Ollie's Commissions and Adopts (5$-27$)

    bump as I finally added my commissions <3
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    Ollie's Commissions and Adopts (5$-27$)

    Thread for selling adopts and commissions! Payments will be made through Paypal Commissions info: Will do: -Humans -Animals/Furry -NSFW Will not do: -Mecha -Real people -Anything political NSFW commission info: -Will not do nsfw for minors -no nsfw of minors (even aged up...
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    Best video game music?

    Sunless Sea has absolutely gorgeous music
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    Ask The User Below You Anything

    Uhh, does Grandpa's Cheesebarn in Ohio count? lol Fav Pokemon type?
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    Thanks everyone! I wasn't expecting so many replies lol @driftingdragon I mostly read DC but i've been branching out to Marvel and a few indie titles! I like the Flash a lot
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    thank u! ^^
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    Lol I wasn't if pics were allowed in the intro thread! here she is! (I wish i had an actual ref but this the closest i got lol)
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    You can call me Ollie! I made this acct because I wanted a place to share my furry art! I like comics and games a lot (mostly pokemon and paladins atm!) My fursona is a bat dressed as a clown!
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    Newbie Question?

    Hello! Sorry I tried looking into this but the original forum I found on it was old so I thought it wouldn't hurt to re-ask but, are multiple accounts allowed on here? I would like to have 2 accounts, one for sfw art and one for nsfw, any help would be appreciated! thanks! :)