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Recent content by OmgACorgi

  1. OmgACorgi

    (Commission) Selling: 5$-100$ Commissions Open~

    recent commission for TyranSmash
  2. OmgACorgi

    (Commission) Selling: 5$-100$ Commissions Open~

    Up some recent commissions
  3. OmgACorgi

    Hiring: Simple Ref Sheet ($30-$35 Max.)

    Hi, I can do a single side view for 20$
  4. OmgACorgi

    Looking for someone to do a full body for my Wendigo! $20-$30

    Hi, I do fullbody flat color for 20$ and fullbody shaded for 35$, turnaround time of about a week. more examples in Userpage of OmgACorgi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. OmgACorgi

    Hiring: Design character (€100+) [CLOSED]

    Hi, I can help you. I can do a sheet with 2 fullbody views and one headshot for 50$