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  1. One-eyedCat

    If You Could Wish for Something, What Would You Wish for?

    Id wish that i didnt need sleep. So much time is lost to sleep.
  2. One-eyedCat


    The face of this catto.
  3. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex Friends!

    Im going, but alas i havnt finished making me suit. So im just going to wander and probably get lost. Its my first year at megaplex. I have friends there. But they got their own plans. Lol
  4. One-eyedCat

    What's your job?

    Im a manager of a publix bakery. Just got promoted. I was the head baker. No more getting up at 2 am for work.
  5. One-eyedCat

    Open Chat

    Who is all going to be at megaplex today?
  6. One-eyedCat

    Do You Have A Partner?

    Funny how i just saw this the day after my boyfriend broke up with me. Lol. So living the single life again.
  7. One-eyedCat

    What Are You Scared of?

    I fear only to be forgotten.
  8. One-eyedCat

    anyone got a xbox one?

    I play overwatch, minecraft, fortnite if i got a full party, and many others.
  9. One-eyedCat

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    Reveals a bigger button.
  10. One-eyedCat

    anyone got a xbox one?

  11. One-eyedCat

    Do you use a "Furry" Facebook?

    Thats weird. I have like seven that i forgot the password to but are still up. Lol
  12. One-eyedCat

    Do you use a "Furry" Facebook?

    I have a facebook. But i havnt really used it in years. Its just there. I mean im constantly showing furry related things to my coworkers so id probably post alot on facebook if i used it.
  13. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    Yup. By then ill be more prepared then this year. Kind of lost alot of spending money for there due to unexpected expenses.
  14. One-eyedCat

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    I wont be in suit. In the middle of making mine and wont have head done in time for megaplex sadly.
  15. One-eyedCat

    Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

    I went on a date with a really nice guy. Twas alot of fun.