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  • Just Delaware and Virginia. The dragonlet you linked me may be it. I wish the little guys could sit still next time I see one.
    I've never seen one that was sitting still or close up. But from a distance, the wings literally look like this crude sketch I just made. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73517253/wierd%20bug.jpg Black squares on sticks. I probably just can't see the transparency of the wings. But, they're pretty defined squares. If they are...I don't know how they can fly.
    Maybe you can help. There's a dragonfly I've only seen 4 times in my life yesterday being the last. It's a silvery one with black squares for wings. It almost looks like a toy. Do you know what it's called so I may find some footage and photos? It's a beautiful thing, really.
    Heheh yeah. I just texted him at work, sure hell get a laugh on his break.
    Sometimes we get those big moths around here like the ones from silence of the lambs. I always keep away from those cuz they carry some weight and being pelted in the head with a giant moth is not pleasent.
    I've always loved moths and butterfly's. My bf gets creeped out by moths, (but he loves spiders, go figure). I'll be sure to mention moth week and spread the torment.
    I've enjoyed getting to actually just talk with other furries and see the full diversity of the fandom, which makes me feel happy and dissapointed at the same time.
    Heh. I can imagine.

    And that in particular, uhm. I actually kind of want to apologize for ever making that public. I shouldn't have ever done that. It was the wrong thing for other people and I feel kinda guilty about practically attention whoring for it.
    If I could throw in some embarrassing flattery, I feel your beard is about equivalent to the amount of wisdom you possess.

    And yeah. We had the gay talk this year anyways. Baby steps.
    I can only imagine if my sister ended up anywhere near that location the same time the con was going on. That would be an interesting call home.

    In theory, that works, but I live with my parents. My "doesn't know what a furry is", "goes through peoples' facebooks if they don't know them", parents.
    It'd be easier to drive myself and falsify an event that friends are going to. Or better yet! take friends with me. They don't do anything about public places.
    And I know some people who are fur-curious so it's two birds with one stone.
    This year though, that wasn't possible to falsify and get driven there. The best I could do is say "let's go to Costco" or "the mexican restaurant by staples" as that's the closest relevant thing to the sheraton.

    Also, funny thing. There is what I believe to be a church right next to the sheraton. That always seems like it'd be hilarious to me.
    Most furs I actually want to see go to MFF from what I can tell.

    Likeshine goes to FCN so there's that though. I love her art. I think there were some others but I don't know anyone in particular, really. I knew not very many people who went to FCN, and I couldn't go visit because even though it's in my city, it's still speaking in terms of miles and I don't have a license yet.
    Are you trying to go to FCN? If you are, I actually live where the con is.

    Just a curious question from a curious man.
    Hello Onnes. Well that storm that I was excited for was nice and exciting, however, as you may have heard on the news it knocked out power for a lot of people, myself included. I got the chance to send a few messages here from a friend's computer so that I could say good bye before I left for Europe for those twenty days. Anyways, Onnes, take care, I will talk to you when I get back.
    FFFF-- that spider icon is freaking adorable!
    It's from the 1959 B-Movie The Wasp Woman. Fun fact: the wasp lady in the poster never appears in the movie. XD
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