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  • Tehe. What'd you think of it?

    I'm having some trouble getting the characters to work, but I reckon I'm nearly there.


    It's hard not to think of that the wrong way you know.

    And return my cigar at once!
    Creeper is an enemy from the game Minecraft. They're vaguely phallic shaped green things that run up to you and start hissing at you, then explode violently.
    Tahah. I'd love to write a major book...

    Nope, this is just a quick Pokemon fanfiction with bonus sex.
    Glad to hear it.

    Hm, what's up... well, I'm about eighteen pages into a story I'm writing.
    I haven't even got to the sex yet.
    Tehe. Regardless, you sound like a genuinely nice guy. Stick around some.
    I like how you seem genuinely interested to please, man. And you're obviously pretty smart. Don't feel pressured to try and impress anyone, though; just post as if you're already one of us. Respect'll grow for you in time, if you're respectable.
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