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Osiris the jackal

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  • Well that's very kind of you. I doubt my opinions are always true, but I do try to keep them interesting. So thank you for your kind words.
    Certainly; just head to my FA page and take a look around. Username is MLR. I'm not horribly proud of most of what's there (and I seriously, seriously need to finish the one called Vagabond, which I've been putting off for what must be years by now), but I think some of it's okay. Maybe you'll enjoy it.
    I'm glad that someone realized that yes, people do a lot of thin-slicing.

    And yes, thank shenanigans for changing my avatar. XD without a doubt that is my favourite one next to the Changing faces one.
    Call this a case of 'Curiosity killed the cat.'

    This is not a personal attack, Sean. I just know that you introduced Theriantropy to Joe. That is all. However, I love Joe the same amount as you do. And I just want him to be happy with himself.
    Oh, just go onto your own page and at the top-left above the text entry box, there should be a "customise my profile" button. :> I don't remember exactly how I did mine as it was aaages ago, but fiddle around, experiment, you should get it! c:
    "Animals are reliable, grateful and loyal in their actions. Hard standards for humans to live up to, and for those who do live up to these standards, or at least try, are furries."

    Nice, but I would not say furries; Maybe some other term.
    Nice to see someone else appreciates what there is to learn.
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