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    IT'S OVER 1000!!!!!!!...wait, that's not that bad...

    You know what I want to do? I want to finish two years of school next year.
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    Restaurants - What would you want?

    Your pizza better be New York-style.
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    Favorite Brawl characters

    Poll sucks and is unnecessary seeing as some people, such as myself, don't really have a single "favourite". I use Wolf the most, tie between Toon Link and Ike for second, tie with Lucario and Lucas for third, and Luigi, ROB, Captain Falcon, Jiggs, Olimar and Snake I just play randomly...
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    Define "furry"

    why should i have to learn a language that isn't used in my country what if the french classes were full in school then should i pay my own money to learn this language that would be for the most part useless to me seriously now, think about what you're saying
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    The Community where you grew up?

    I live in a small, yet overpopulated dump full of trash and idiots. 3:
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    Define "furry"

    The following is an example of why I don't give these people any slack:
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    Define "furry"

    Thank you. If you're going to come to an English Forum, please speak proper English.
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    Forum Game: Crazy Canyon.

    itt photoshop Fourth-Wall Status: NONEXISTANT.
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    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    My parents and brother know. It gets annoying when anything my brother and I are talking about something that vaguely references furries, inflation or vore, because he'll immediately dismiss his normal thoughts to point it out. "Wow, I had no idea coral cannibalizes other coral. 's pretty...
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    Define "furry"

    why is it that you press the enter key and start a new paragraph about every fifteenth word of your post because it is extremely annoying
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    Let's talk about sleep ;3

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    How many of you have plushies

    I have a Husky Plushy that I won at a Carnival game on my Birthday last year. Two days ago my younger brother stabbed it about twenty times with a steak knife for no reason, though.
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    Forum Game: Crazy Canyon.

    Wait. Did I just win my own thread.