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  • I'll have to check it out when I get to my comp. my itouch won't open it! I'm pulling an all nighter listening to a bunch of my old ass CDs.
    Our neighbor that used to be a traffic cop clocked it at 63mph with his speed gun. I plan on getting it to ~100mph by the end of summer.
    It stops pretty good, it has brakes :)
    Yeah man, it was the most god awful thing I've seen in a long time. We did see the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Discovery science center earlier so that kinda made up for everything. Anyway the car is a Kyosho EP Fazer Subaru Rally. I spent more on upgrade parts than I did the car itself and I still need a new speed control unit and new transmiter and receiver among some other things. Out of the box it was ok, but after I was done with it...omg its a whole new animal :D
    Lifes been good, just dropped nearly $600+ in a new rc car so I'm pretty happy. I forgot how much fun these things are! :D. Today was pretty awesome until we went and saw scary movie 5, what a total shitfest and waste of money and time, at least I saw it with good friends :).
    I use a Rubbermaid Action Packer, it's tough as nails with handles that lock the lid on so it's pretty much the industry standard for fursuiters. I'll be going to biggest little fur con in Reno next month as well as califur in irvine(20 mins away from my house). 2 cons in 1 month so I'm pretty stoked :D
    Oh you know, here and there. Discovering new music tastes, working in a job I like, getting back into the dating crowd... I've been pretty good to be honest! ^^;
    And how've you been, Vic? S=3
    Hey dude! ^^ Sorry I haven't been on skype in a while, I can't be arsed with it. Too many things cluttering my time schedule. -~-
    Oh, and be a Criminal. It's easier! ^^;
    It's alright, from what I heard from an acquaintance it wasn't that great of a turnout anyway :/
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to go, the dog got under my dad's feet and he banged his shoulder which recently had surgery done on it into a cabinet :( SO I had no ride
    I see, how'd you get the puncture? I personally use gloves when necessary, after doing the sport for a couple years, your skin on your hands will get rougher and more accustomed.
    If you go to an area like that i'm sure you won't have problems climbing, try to wear gloves of some sort if you go. Not sure about you, but my hands get shredded climbing trees without them. :)
    Yes, this is my prime time of year for parkour. In particular i've been working on jumping long distances from a high point to the ground. Also there's a nice wooded area near me, so I'm improving on my tree climbing and jumping from one branch to the other which is a new addition for me.
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