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  • French: le crazy; Scottish: Crazy kit wearing bastard; Dominican/Hispanic: La chica de loca.. Automatically I win just because of the small hint of Le french. :V

    Now where's my money?
    Lets see how many we can do. I'm breaking apart all the whites I am: Russian, nuttier than peanut butter; British, another Jack the Ripper; Spanish, Fuck you, bull, I'll chase you!; Polish, ok they're fairly sane -1 insanity point; Australian, "Crikey! Look aht that beauty!" 6 points so far.
    As are Native Americans and Filipinos. And poets. I'm all three. I think I may be winning here.
    You're lucky (or unlucky, depending on your preferences,) that I am not a masochist.

    You sound like a bad mistress.
    Seems like that's what most people do on WoW these days.

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say you play a... Blood Elf Hunter?!
    You can slap me if I'm wrong. Just avoid my delicate nose.
    lol, still busy with those two commissions, (scrapped work on both of them as I was not satisfied with the progress) I will drop you a PM though and we can get the ball rolling on that front at least. :)
    You know it babeh~

    Apparently it does have a long tradition as I researched up on it concerning weddings. Plus "honeymoon" directly comes from the consuming of honey an honey products when newlyweds elope, including ample amounts of mead. So really, nothing says "I love you" like honey and ample amounts of alcohol lol.
    Sounds like a plan!

    Nah nothing that serious. The beekeepers run a business where they sell these small jars of honey as wedding favors and they want to do a commercial for it. Then they want to do some technical videos on how they raise and care for the bees, raise and sell queens, etc.
    Hey when you graduate I wanna be invited to the party. Mini-FAF Playa Haters Ball. :V

    I'll be super careful. And take plenty of pics of my stupid ass holding a camera next to a beehive in bee suit.
    Actual IMMA STING YOU, BITCH kind. A couple of beekeepers hired me to do a series of videos for them. I figured it'd be a perfect opportunity to slap a crab logo on a bee suit.

    Are you blinding yourself with science?
    Kinda-sorta. Gen V - Black and White 1 & 2 - got some mixed reviews. Diamond and Pearl were my favourites =p
    You'll be happy to know the plot is a LOT better, even bordering on philosophical, and the final scenes are even more kickass than the Spear Pillar. But some of the new Pokemon are shoddy and not much changed in the core gameplay.
    All in all, the new games are much more powerful, but it's still Pokemon, you know? It's exactly what you'd expect.
    Also Apple tried to change 'gurl' to 'fuel' and 'Zeke' to 'Zekrom', so from this day hence you are a legendary Pokemon who pulls my car
    You death knights are all the same. Good thing I'm into that rough stuff.

    Minus Light sabers.
    Why can't we just have a normal relationship where we buy each other a box of chocolates, or a stupid greetings cards, or send each other pictures of cats with stupid phrases on them? Why must it always come down to sodomy?
    What do you want? Search your heart for the answers. Flip your titanium seal of Dalaran. Ask your parents. Make a wish upon a star. The choices are yours and yours alone.

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