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    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    @Simo is thinking: SOMEONE REPLY... Oh wait, there's a notification.
  2. PaletteManokit

    Looking for RP partner(s)

    Boopity boop (also looking to do a DDLG rp, PM me if interested)
  3. PaletteManokit

    Wanting to do a DDLG relation RP, PM me if interested-no NSFW

    Wanting to do a DDLG relation RP, PM me if interested-no NSFW
  4. PaletteManokit

    Kigurumi ‘fursuits’?

    I believe the most popular place furries hang out is probably FurAffinity c: Either that or maybe YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, social media in general?
  5. PaletteManokit

    Kigurumi ‘fursuits’?

    Actually, a lot of people do c: And I know that there are at least 5 people who make custom Kigus for people, so yeah, and I've even thought of doing it ^-^
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    Other payment options besides Paypal..?

    Alrighty, thank you for the info!
  7. PaletteManokit

    Other payment options besides Paypal..?

    So, do you believe it would be safe and secure for me to use PayPal, also if you use it (I'm assuming you do) have you ever had any problems like the one I stated above? (someone paying then taking the money back but keeping the art/said item)
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    Other payment options besides Paypal..?

    It's not that I don't want to use paypal, it's that I'm currently not allowed to. And if Western Union and Wire Transfer will cause trouble then I definitely don't wanna use them xD I'm hoping to be able to convince my parents to be able to use Paypal, but If I can't I'm hoping to find an...
  9. PaletteManokit

    Other payment options besides Paypal..?

    Currently wanting to gain profit from art commissions, but for specific reasons I am not doing it with paypal, are there any other payment options that I could use to sell my commissions? And use to buy things online? Please note I'd like something that a ton of people use (like paypal) and is...
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    Need Icon for New Fursona [CLOSED]

    I'm very much interested! Here's my gallery on DA of some of my artwork, it's more of a toony style: PaletteManokit's DeviantArt Gallery PM me if you're interested in hiring me c:
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    Does the fandom make people gay?

    1) It's not that everyone is gay (I personally am not) I think it's because of the fact furries are so accepting, people like to be accepted, so people who usually feel that they couldn't be accepted for who they love or something, this is a safe space for them where they can be themselves and...
  12. PaletteManokit

    Looking for art trades, want my feral oc drawn, I can draw anthro or feral

    I am also up to do a trade however I'd like to see some examples of your art first ^-^ Here's my art gallery: PaletteManokit's DeviantArt Gallery
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    Ask The User Below You Anything

    ooh, tough, but a lot of the time digital Do you prefer anthro or feral art?
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    Lets be honest here.. should I consider myself a furry?

    1) I don't draw or look at Yiff either, I am on FA because I see art I enjoy-such as anthros(my settings are set to General so I don't see anything that wouldn't be suitable for me) 2) Most likely, I'm pretty sure over 50 percent of the fandom is not sexual about it-I know I'm not I am also not...
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    Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)

    *turns protocols off and then gives a good spanking* done, and the price has been payed