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  • Hello there. This is a long shot, but in case you ever come to use this again... Let me know! (Maybe I won't be using this by that point, but hey, you never know!)
    Immigration? Not like they can't be sated by a buckets of greasy, gelatinous lard.
    That is a completely unrelated event; lizard management and co. have no involvement with it.
    You'll have to take it up with lizard management if you want some of my dolphin-based lubricants.
    You guessed right.

    The image tho is not finished yet. I needed to hasten it due to a commission for parfume bottles engraving for Dior that I got before the Christmas.

    If you like some minor changes then contact me via PM.
    Sveikas! Hehe, the more the better! I probably should make an introduction thread or something
    I tend to listen to classic rock, or prog rock... Or random soundtrack stuff. I can share my list if you're interested.
    I see no reason to duel over usernames. So long as people can identify that mine is in two halves, things should be okay.
    Well, uh... Ok then. Let's just say that I don't visit the forums as much as I used to.
    oh crap I was sure I have already gave it to you, Kitsune#1848 this is my battletag, I need to give you something else? I don't remember
    B-but now is yellow D: I got it from a request but I really wanted a brighter yellow. What's wrong with this one?
    I really wish I knew who you were. But since I don't, I will make this post here on your visitor messages page.
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