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    As long as your out of the 'basement dweller' stereotype you will be fine. Shame you dnt have msn or summthing.
    BTW, avoiding this:

    Good luck kickboxing.! :D

    (Also im going to be silent over the weekend. Going to ayr camping.
    This is true. they both be used as scripting languages, depending on skill. I learning c++ for fun though.
    Programming is a good choice. I know BASIC, HTML, HTML5 and currently learning C++.
    Astrophysics is a good choice aswell. I your into physics then it will be a piece of cake.

    But its down to you man.
    Kboard is cool. Already got Scottish higher for computing. :)
    I play electric guitar, i am pretty into badminton, i like to draw (mainly furries but some other stuff) and computer programming.
    Ours goes like..
    White, yellow, green, Blue, Red, Black
    (With tags inbetween)
    I am a green w/blue tag.
    Taekwondo for me. Kickboxing seems pretty awsome.
    It's alright. The critter was originally supposed to be an original character of mine, but someone pushed me to be selling it. That's why I was a little hurt, cause I worked a few hours on it, is all. =)
    hey dude i saw that you were fairly new here like me :D
    i'm just trying to get to know some other furries, i was wondering if you had any chat programs like steam, xfire, msn, etc. cause id love to chat!
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