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    Pretty awesome. Watching American History X and winning moneys on lotto tickets, 500 to be exact >=).
    Oh gee, that is hot ;n; we have about the same over here. the very air is hot, and it's not nice to breathe it. :C

    Also I'm jelly of your snow. Despite being cold as balls, it's no doubt loads better than rain. We get snow here of course, but not nearly enough. :C
    It's hot here too ;c I always thought of Norway as generally cold, but I bet it's hotter than shitty england

    also gnight c:
    Yessss. It sounds perfect. c: Sounds like everyone in that part of Europe likes to make jokes about the Swedes. Just like we do with the french!

    I was only asking cos I was talking to my czech and french friends about czech and french humour. So I got curious about other countries. x3

    Also how you doin? c:
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