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    (CLOSED) Searching for an artist to draw a demonic form for my current fursona.

    Hoi, I´m open :) Artwork Gallery for PaPenguin -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (gallery, nsfw) www.furaffinity.net: Commissions -- PaPenguin's Journal (commission info)
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    AndyD art and sketches

    Yo that´s some quality stuff right there!
  3. PaPenguin

    What do you do to improve your craft??

    Figure drawing is what helped me the most, there are some nice online tools. Other than that, nothing too specific. Draw stuff you enjoy drawing and throw in a study or two inbetween. Funny enough, I often experience improvement after a longer break of not drawing at all. I have yet to figure...
  4. PaPenguin

    My first YCH - Full render - 50$ SB

    Giving it a bump because it was already page 2 before it got approved :V
  5. PaPenguin

    My first YCH - Full render - 50$ SB

    Doing my first YCH, feel free to check it out \o/ SB: 50$ www.furaffinity.net: My first YCH by PaPenguin (nsfw)
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    Critique please (especially anatomy)

    Added a NSFW to the link. I struggle a lot with the shoulder area (and hip area also a bit), especially when there´s some posing/perspective. I don´t 100% understand what exactly you mean with her left arm, mind giving it a quick redline? Haven´t thought too much about the surface, probably...
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    Critique please (especially anatomy)

    Hoi, working on a new piece and I´m pretty sure there are some not so great things (anatomically speaking) but I´ve gone work-blind. I´m gonna step away from it for a day or two, but any additional help is appreciated. :) www.furaffinity.net: Scrap by PaPenguin (NSFW)
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    Artist says hoi

    Thanks everyone :)
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    Artist says hoi

    Hoi I´m new here and I sometimes draw things. So far there´s only one pic but that may or may not change. (I hope it does) Also there is a good chance I´ll go on a haitus for 1-6 months at random for no real reason, so... yeah. Cheers