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    Thank you!! :D

    Thank you!! :D
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    Vent Thread

    oh boy. I've been waiting for one of these to pop up again. a quick bulletpointed list as to why this year can positively suck my cock: - Covid pandemic. I don't need to say much on that one. I'll most probably elaborate. But this has been shit for everyone. - The UK's absolute fuckery...
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    What would your reaction be if real Furries (not fantasies, but flesh and blood) suddenly appeared in the world? what would happen in your vision?

    I'd probably think it was really nice!! I think a lot of people outside of the community would be pretty weirded out... but I'm partial to thinking irl furry community spaces for irl anthromorphs and furries alike would open up :) I certainly think it'd be interesting!! I don't think we should...
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    Vent Thread

    I'm not in the United States, but thank you for the advice!
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    Vent Thread

    i'm fed up of my sensory issues being brushed under the rug at my college. I wish they'd simply be more considerate of disabled people and wouldn't make us sit under eye streamingly bright lights and with noisy students. I get that a teacher can't control students, but I find it really difficult...
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    as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?

    I'm bisexual, with a preference for women :)
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    Unpopular opinions 2.0!

    I don't like apple juice, its unpallatable and makes my tongue go bleh. I love orange juice with pulp.
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    Should members be restricted to 16+ for the forum?

    I think it should be 16+. I've heard awful stories from some of my peers who interacted in the fandom from a young age. Although Furry should be a welcoming place for all, the discussions prevalent on most furry forums and discords are at times less than savoury for young teens to be viewing...
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    Vent Thread

    My Uncle has Covid, my dad could have Covid and my boyfriend now has to self isolate for 2 weeks because he's high risk for having Covid. I'm going to kill God and punch Jesus in the face.
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    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    it's like that goddamn MAP thing, isn't it? secret codes and flags and agendas. I hate the fact that it's normalised nowadays to a tiny degree too.
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    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    oh yeah. didn't he do a whole expose and find paedophile rings on sites targeted at children? beginning to think this is going to be a v e r y complex thing to handle. goddammit. why can't people just not be creeps to kids, man?
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    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    we could propose a code of conduct wherein adults are allowed into sfw spaces with T's and C's - here's a few I came up with: - If someone is over 18, they are not allowed to DM a minor. - Minors aren't allowed to DM adults, unless it is a staff. - Moderation system that evaluates the content of...
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    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    Personally, I feel there should be spaces for minor furries to be able to express their interest in the fandom in a safe and comfortable environment. I'd see it as age ratings on movies - If you're 12, you're only allowed to view content up to a 12 rating. If you're an adult, you should be free...
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    Catch up since the forums are back

    newbie here. was a little confused why the forums were down when i initially joined furaffinity, but wahey. In college again! (UK) enjoying my subjects. lot of work.