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    Hey! Thank you so much! :) Before I read your sentence underneath I thought you were a native speaker! It was really good! :D
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    Thank you so much! It's been a very pleasant experience so far :)
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    Hiring: Animator (Blender) for VR/non-VR NSFW game (Patreon project)

    Hybrids: Virtual Encounters We are looking to hire a part time / freelance Animator for our (VR) NSFW furry game Hybrids: Virtual Encounters. Who we are Hybrids: Virtual Encounters is an immersive VR and non-VR NSFW furry game featuring anthro characters. Our focus is on providing detailed...
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    Hello you! I am Pattarchus, a three-headed doberhellhound from Germany. I've been an active member of the furry fandom since 2001 and I am involved in the creation and realisition of some projects and conventions. If people ask me, what I am doing for a living ... I have to respond with: "It's...