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  • Hi Paul,

    Really? I just picked a goofy one from something I liked (footpaws) and stuck with it. Never actually been complimented on it before. ^^;

    Thank you for getting the big picture out of it and not focusing on my music tastes. I will once I fix something with my account.
    I've gotta ask...where is that avatar from? It looks so familiar but I can't recall what it's from. That avatar is so mesmerizing.
    We totally should! How about my facebook instead? I have skype too ^_^ I'll private message you it.
    Its Christian meditation. Here is a good link to read about what I do :http://www.memoryverses.org/how3.shtml

    Basically, I take my thoughts captive, and meditate on what God says and not what I want.

    What then is Christian meditation? It is the deliberate practice of turning our hearts and our minds to the full time task of bringing the word of God to life in the daily activities of our lives.
    Thanks. Your profile is very... Blue (da bo de da bo di!) ^_^
    All three, my man; two of which are available on my FA profile. :3
    go to the friends tab on the main program, then click either view friends or add a friend.
    Sent invite-You could have told this to me earlier, my entire computer is like based around steam >:c
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