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    How many hours do you work per week?

    I'm usually working in the 40-45 hour a week range, though it's gotten close to 60 on from time to time. Work as a chef in Las Vegas, been cooking professionally for about 20 years and been at my current place of employment for going on 5. I actually don't purchase a lot in the way of art and...
  2. Paulosaurus

    Do you need to know it all to be a maker?

    I'm about 15ish suits in, and I still learn new techniques or helpful tricks on each one.
  3. Paulosaurus

    Date Furries (18+)

    I live in this country: USA (Nevada) My age is: 40 My gender is: Male My sexuality is: Straight My body type is: Average height, a bit on the chunky side but not obese My religious views are: Agnostic My political views are: Moderate My hobbies include: PC Gaming, Cooking, Fursuit-making...
  4. Paulosaurus

    Question from a non-fursuiter: What got you into it?

    I didn't start out as all that interested in suiting, then a friend of mine got his first suit. And, while looking back it's a well-made, professional piece, at the time my reaction was "You paid HOW much for that? I could just make one for way less!" Unlike many, I actually put my money where...
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    Recommended Fabric Type For Bird Suits?

    I do a mix of shaved fur with overlapping bands craft feathers, and spandex with upholstery vinyl for the scaly bits.
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    How and when did you 'discover' the furry fandom?

    Stumbled across it in the mid-90s while browsing the earlier internet for fantasy art and some crossover works led to sites more dedicated to furry. Kinda stayed a lurker for years, just passively following the community until around 2010 when I finally started going to meets and such. Made my...
  7. Paulosaurus

    Surfing furries?

    I've actually had an idea kicking around my head for a few years now of making a shark or orca fursuit out of wetsuit material with swim flippers as part of the feet, room in the head for goggles, and maybe an integrated snorkel. Never really left the concept stage though.
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    Could I dye a fursuit?

    I might be mistaken, but I don't think dyes really work on faux fur since it's primarily acrylic fibers. The dye make take slightly to the fur itself but will mostly just change the color of the backing. Airbrushing with acrylic paint can color faux fur (at least on the outer surface), but...
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    Show off your first fursuit VS your latest!

    Thanks! It took some experimentation in both process and materials as evidenced in the heads below. The Mk-1 (far left) was just cheap all-around. Mask was sculpted from air-dry clay and molded with silicone caulk. Teeth are painted craft claws, fabric was cheapest I could get from Hobby...
  10. Paulosaurus

    Show off your first fursuit VS your latest!

    The Mk-1, made over the course of about 2 weeks right before Further Confusion 2013 as a result of an "I can make one of those..." The Mk-4, made as a demi-partial in the fall of 2018, with feet and legs added spring of 2019.
  11. Paulosaurus

    ISO maker for "scalesuit"

    Yeah, lycra skin for sure is the best way to go. I made my personal dino suit from a base skin of stretch cotton with airbrushing, then cut out a TON of scales from upholstery vinyl and glued them to the stretchy fabric. And before you ask, sorry I don't really take commissions outside of close...
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    Painted Desert Fur Con (Phoenix)

    Oh, now that they have the con schedule up, any panels you planning to check out? So far I know I'm hitting up the meet & greet for scalies and then later the one for fursuit makers on that Friday. And Saturday I'm helping out with the LARP and Dueling panels.
  13. Paulosaurus

    Painted Desert Fur Con (Phoenix)

    Will do! We booked at Hospitality Suites about 5 or 6 miles straight south on the same street as the con hotel.
  14. Paulosaurus

    Painted Desert Fur Con (Phoenix)

    Oh hey, a fellow Vegas fur! Myself and a few friends are planning on hitting up that con at the end of the month, though we booked an off-site hotel since the cost was almost half what the con hotel is charging.
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    Scaly 'Fur'suiting Advice?

    Full scale detail can be done several different ways, but all are incredibly tedious. The carved and then airbrushed foam is one option, as is a scultped latex "skin" or straight airbrushed fabric if you're good enough with the detailing. The method I personally use is a base skin of stretchy...