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    Toony suits VS. Realistic suits

    I know what you mean. I used to not be a fan of realistic suits, but then I stumbled across Clockwork Creature Studios and it totally changed my mind. If I were to ever get a suit in that style, it'd be from them. Oh jeez. Really? I hadn't heard of that. o______o Thanks for the heads up...
  2. Pavi

    Toony suits VS. Realistic suits

    Thanks, guys. :3 I've been leaning more toward toony, for the same reasons you all listed.
  3. Pavi

    Toony suits VS. Realistic suits

    So, I'm planning on commissioning a fursuit in the next several years. But I really just cannot decide what style I'd like to get. So I'm asking for opinions. What type of suit do you prefer? I plan to wear it to various events, but mostly I'd like to entertain children. For reference, here's...
  4. Pavi


    Typically people just pick an animal they really like, or that they feel suites them. For others it can be more of a spiritual thing, but that's crossing over more into therian territory. Overall, it's just an artistic representation of yourself in the form of an animal.
  5. Pavi

    So what do you guys think of transformation?

    I loooooooove me some transformation. (: I wouldn't call it a fetish, but I certainly find it exciting. My favorites are when it's involuntary/against their will and involves mind alterations. Cuz somehow it's just not fun if the victim is totally into it... :| Maybe I'm just a sadist who likes...
  6. Pavi

    I'm sorry I nearly squashed you.

    No, the spider lived. The creeper was all snug in my shoe, and it just freaked me the hell out when my toes brushed against it. D: Yeahhhh. I wasn't too happy with him. At all. :'c But I can hardly blame him. I've made the mistake of rewarding him whenever he brings me a mole or a rat, so now...
  7. Pavi

    God and such

    ...I never said atheists weren't open-minded. I'm not in a position to pass judgment on an entire collection of people like that. I was just stating my personal views, and how I think people should just be satisfied with their own opinions and not attack other people if they think differently.
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    God and such

    I'm an agnostic. I approach all system's of belief with an open mind, and I never outwardly judge or disagree with them. Perhaps engage in a mature, ethical debate but never just shoot them down like I'm some all-knowing fuck who gobbles up opposing views and shits the truth. Nobody can provide...
  9. Pavi

    I'm sorry I nearly squashed you.

    Thus is why I always check my shoes beforehand, ever since a similar experience with a huuuuge spider. Which was not nearly as adorable...but almost as hairy. :x I've had lotsa wild animal encounters. Usually with snakes, frogs, newts, coyotes and birds. Once I caught my cat pawing into a...
  10. Pavi

    Reasons why you want/have a fursuit?

    I love the freedom that comes with being in costume. Boundaries are lost, and total strangers feel completely comfortable with coming up to hug you. (: Overall, it allows me to bring happiness to people's lives I couldn't do otherwise.
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    The traits you like in a fursona.

    I like something that is, as stated several times before me, an actual representation of the creator.
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    I have wayyyyy to many pets to post pictures of. (4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goats, 3 horses, and 2 chickens) So I'll just show off my new baby: Holiday! http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn279/crazytrain_/DSC02292.jpg It's hard to tell from the picture, but she has one blue eye. Aaaand she's a toy...
  13. Pavi


    Pavi started out as my imaginary friend when I was three. Back then, her name was 'Wizzo' and she was a gray wolf from outer space who was always wearing a sparkly red scarf. xD Then she became my established fursona, a wolf-dog named Tala (it means wolf in Native American, but I forget what...
  14. Pavi

    Meaning in the name?

    Pavi's name comes from my favorite musical ever, Repo: The Genetic Opera. It's the name of one of the characters. I already had her design down, and the character of "Pavi" had a strange resemblance (white faced and totally flamboyant). It just stuck. (:
  15. Pavi

    Who has a non-anthro fursona?

    My fursona's a feral. (: I've tried her being anthro, but it just didn't feel right.