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  1. peanutbunner

    Five Slots Open! ($5USD-$80USD) NSFW, Anthro Included

  2. peanutbunner

    Closed - Hiring for Graduation Piece - $60-$120 - SFW

    Hey! I could do a drawing like the one you have in mind for 80 dollars! My commission thread is here, DM me if you're interested.
  3. peanutbunner

    Looking for an actiony-poster like artwork

    Hey! I love your sona's design, and I think that would be a cool concept. For something like that, I think I could do it for $100-110 dollars. My commission thread is over here-- check it out and see if you like my style, and we could work from there.
  4. peanutbunner

    Looking for a NSFW commission (<$50)

    Hey! If you're still looking, my commission info is over here! I'm totally comfortable with NSFW, and I'm happy to collaborate with you and see what we can do for your price range.
  5. peanutbunner

    First Time Character

    Hey! I have my commission thread open here, but I could probably do a reference sheet for you somewhere in the 80-90 dollar price range. I just did a ~masculine~ lion that I'll include below that might be up your alley, stylistically!