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Recent content by pediachnid

  1. pediachnid

    Fill the furry above you

    *fills with flex seal*
  2. pediachnid

    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    your floof looks softer than even nursery silk!
  3. pediachnid

    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    mam! sorry, didnt look down!
  4. pediachnid

    Is your ‘sona its own thing?

    definitely not, phiddipus auddix is definitely a real species
  5. pediachnid

    Where does your sona come from?

    furry earth where everything that isnt a plant or fungus is anthro (that include bacteria and protist)(yes that DOES mean anthro kelp and algi)
  6. pediachnid

    Fill the furry above you

    *fills with live tapeworm eggs and giggles*
  7. pediachnid

    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    fur as white as fresh silk and as vibrant as a garden weiver's abdomen, you have earned my heart my good sir
  8. pediachnid

    What do you think when you look at the fur above you?

    all i think is i wanna boop that blep
  9. pediachnid

    Finish Them!

    bite and fill with a ridiculous amount of venom until the opponent literally pops green covered organs everywhere brutality: same as above, but i suck em in instead, resulting in a barely alive bloodless husk, whom i then use my four arms to bash into the floor until the now visible skull...
  10. pediachnid

    Give a rapper name to the person above

    mc scree
  11. pediachnid

    Battle Of The Sonas

    tempted to enter but id be killed off in 3 seconds, mabey one
  12. pediachnid

    Unpopular animals you like

    almost any arthropod (only exceptions is ants and parasites/parasitoids)
  13. pediachnid

    The furry above you lives forever: How do they accomplish this feat?

    ya ate a jellyfish god, enjoy immortality
  14. pediachnid

    Would you bite the person above? Why or why not?

    does it count as a bite if i dont have teeth?
  15. pediachnid

    no probbo fello buggo!

    no probbo fello buggo!