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  • It's my girl. :3
    I was drawing her and I realized a cropping of her face would make a great avi.
    Skrentney eh? I never had him, but I've heard he's none too bad. But regardless that class isn't too fun since it's a p much an assembly line with so many humans taking it.

    that's none too encouraging if you haven't enjoyed programming yet, but then again don't be dissuaded by Java; fuck Java for real. My lab-mate is taking that class right now and she showed me code for a tournament simulator or something? ...boring! Maybe you just need a compelling project, I mean, what don't you like about proggin' so far?

    but whatev, i can only provide perspective from a very similar experience. i came into UW as an English major and threw it all away for the money; am I really better off now?
    ugh, complexity is a pain to grasp at first, but stick with it brotha! once it clicks, the proofs will come as second nature. seriously it's just the initial hurdle, nothing much changes afterwards.
    from what I've seen, regardless of what you pursue career-wise, having a CS degree is a huge win; employers have literally been blowing their loads over my resume. so i dunno, don't give up? unless you really hate it...
    I don't want to presume anything, but I'm down to throw some help your way if you want it; I've taken too many classes... Who's your instructor, Hasti?
    I know where you're coming from, I felt like I had to completely reformat my brain to finally 'get' it.
    How much are you hating it/What are you struggling with?
    whoa, you're getting a comp sci degree? at UW right?

    that's my degree! i'm in the CS building all the time. are you just staring right now? like, taking data structures err what?
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