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    Have room space available for FWA 2015

    Been a long while since I've posted on these forums, but somebody linked me to this thread. I'm in need of a space. How much would it be? Funnily enough, a friend of mine just messaged me about a room offer, so I'll have to decline this. Thanks for the offer, though.
  2. Percy

    I'm scared to go to a furry convention.

    You'll be fine. Odds are you likely won't even see these people.
  3. Percy

    Have you ever googled yourself?

    I share my name with my grandfather, so he's the one that pops up upon self-googling. ...plus some really cringy stuff I did as a kid.
  4. Percy

    So, what's the new consensus on foxes?

    Oh hey, FAF is back to its usual self.
  5. Percy

    So, what's the new consensus on foxes?

    Reminds of the previous otter-fox war... 2013, I believe?
  6. Percy

    Things that make you feel nervous.

    Family arguments/arguments that involve a family member. I never want to get involved in them.
  7. Percy

    Your avatar is quite kyoot. o-o

    Your avatar is quite kyoot. o-o
  8. Percy

    Age Thread 2014

    I'll be 20 in a little over two months. Two months and a week, to be exact.
  9. Percy

    If FAF had it's own unofficial sport...

    Where the balloons have :V faces drawn on them.
  10. Percy

    Gaming apparel

    Umbreon, not umbrella. Umbrella isn't awkward. o-o
  11. Percy

    Gaming apparel

    I bought an Umbreon hat the other day. Hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I'm going to look so dorky.
  12. Percy

    Gaming apparel

    I have a Rock Band drum t-shirt I got around 4-5 years ago (which is now too big for me), and a pokemon hat. I might think about some more stuff in the future.
  13. Percy


    This forum doesn't represent the entire fandom. Most people here find otherkin to be strange and ridiculous, but that's not to say every single furry ever thinks that.
  14. Percy


    ...this won't end well.
  15. Percy

    Caffiene Appreciation Thread

    ...I think I'm going to need some caffeine to get through my night shift tonight.