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    Old slang that you'd like to bring back

    I'm an old man, and as such I still use and further would like to ressurect the following: Dag Clown (verb) Ice (No) doy Four-one-one Gag me
  2. perkele

    The Difference Between Ferals and Anthro

    Ferals are just four-legged animals with eyebrows and big eyes.
  3. perkele

    Knowing your partner's real name

    "Furry partner" here just means a romantic relationship between two people whom happen to be furries. I'll give an example of the kind of situation I encounter, with names changed to protect the identity of the poor souls: Visiting an acquaintance at their home, they introduced me to their...
  4. perkele

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    21 pages in, did you all solve Bitcoin yet?
  5. perkele

    Post something odd about you!

    I'm gay.
  6. perkele

    Where To Post Stories

    Wattpad used to be good, but now it's not. Unless you're writing about gay vampire Korean boy bands who only speak in Nine Inch Nails lyrics. Webnovel.com has a large audience, and it's free and easy to use. The popular works are mainly Japanese-inspired fantasy fiction, but you'll find people...
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    Fuga: Melodies of Steel (furry jrpg by Cyberconnect2)

    So, who did you shoot out of the cannon first? : Mei : Mei : Also Mei
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    Can a story be too short?

    Why use many word when few word do.
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    3 Most Disturbing Movies You've Ever Seen

    "Midori Shoujo Tsubaki." I legitimately hated this movie. It had such disturbing imagery that finding it alone was difficult until recently. It was a violent, grotesque, prurient and nasty thing. Was it a bad movie? Maybe, probably. It felt like a social comment on something I didn't...
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    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    You remind me of my sister.
  11. perkele

    What is the "generic furry art style?"

    Now that you mention it, the colors on the Artbreeder image remind me of somewhat older art (by the standards of some youngins here.) I wouldn't be surprised to see it colored on a Bamboo tablet for someone's Furcadia avatar. And oh my gosh. Those rave pants were everywhere in the '00s, well...
  12. perkele

    British or American English?

    British English adds too many letters you don't pronounce. They should learn to speak American proper. Also, "aluminum" has enough syllables as it is. We don't need a five-syllable aluminum. What even is "aluminium?" You can't just go around making up crazy words, that'd be whale proppa sorted...
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    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    Is there a German word for delight one can take when preparing to feel righteous indignation? It sounds like a word that should be.
  14. perkele

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    Well, if you knew when and where to expect it, it wouldn't be the Spanish Inquisition in the first place.