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  • I really didn't insult you, even though it would have been completely warranted.

    I disagreed with you, and you went on the offensive. Note how the deletions started from your post, because thats where you took it too far.
    I didn't get any points.

    You said something that was wrong, I corrected it, you flew off the handle because you don't like being corrected, you got points. That's hardly my fault.
    My post didn't contain an insult, it was deleted because it responded to your post which was insults.
    Because you were saying something that was incorrect, and acting as if it was true based on nothng more than the fact that you were typing it.

    Because you are entirely intolerant of people having views that differ to yours and act as if that makes them idiots.

    Because you blindly try to excuse every shitty thing this site and it's staff does, then talk down to people when they complain.
    Makes sense. I work nights so this is my day time. Nonetheless.
    I think I'll just drop it. Quite frankly, I dont like this pissing match between us anymore than you do. We've both established that the other person probably isnt a verifiable ass in real life. So if the point is to be right---well. We're probably both a little bit right, and nobody is entirely wrong.

    I think it would behoove you to participate in more discussion. I'd like to discuss things non-FA related. We probably actually agree on more than a few things, while we but heads on most anything FA related. I tend to be hypercritical towards the website, which I won't deny. I am critical of the things I love most. But...I'm also rather antagonistical to. I knew very well how you would react to the WK term. Wrong of me to incite spite.

    I call truces if you do. Silly thing to be arguing about anyhow.
    I find it interesting that once there is citable evidence that you're wrong in a situation you tend to not say anything.
    Oh, she did. And sometimes she didn't understand people very well. She's long gone though.

    Also, accepted. :> Birds gotta stick together and stuff.
    yay! :3

    I know you've come a long way. Just go easy on the hostility sometimes. Let things roll off your back. You've got a temper and I remember when it got you in trouble with Arshes. And being banned from the only avenue to appeal bans is not good.
    Because I'm merely jesting in a thread that is getting way too tense.

    Why do you only take interest in the site threads btw? I never see you in the offtopic or forum games sections...
    By suggesting it you are being rude. I'm not sure how you're not seeing this. And he has a lot less posts on this site than you do, where you - on the other hand - have been making more and more inflammatory posts recently and getting into arguments with other users.
    And that's your opinion. Telling people who actually live there to move out is rude and insensitive. This is my last word on this matter, I would advise you to drop it.
    -wake up, take a shower, sit down on the computer to play some games

    Not according to your posts through the topic that does show some negative behavior traits on white knighting and in your case your getting extremely defensive. And what's your mentioning is the internet forum term for white knight. The actual term i will not say at all without making you angry any further.
    Actually i hate to say this but that's what you actually are even if you don't want to hear it. And you would be pretty mad if you knew what the real actual meaning of what the word White Knight is.
    Actually no it's your behavior and insulting people whenever they make a logical civil comment and your insult them like they are idiots is what people don't like. I do not hate you or anything but you need to calm down considering you are not acting rather civil but mean and aggressive towards people.
    Your proving exactly what i am talking about you are really agressive towards those that don't agree with you. You really are not ready for civil discussion.
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