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    Idk if you will ever see this but I mostly use Discord know DM me and I'll give that to you ok. Hope you been doing ok. I know it's been a few long years.
    It's almost been 6 years last I was on here. You still alive bro?
    I'm new of Furaffinity altogether... I need help figuring out how to make friends on here... because I don't know how to work this place.
    Welcome Phoenix,
    I'm New here very fine Comics here. Crazy Figure
    Best Regards
    Hey what's up? I'm like never on here anymore. Just to check my inbox every week. This forum is dead to me. lol
    I been playing a lot more Marvel Verse Capcom 3 on my PS3 so I’ve stop playing with my Wii for a very long time now.
    lol I am already drinking, and plenty already to boot. =3 (Streets of rage was awesome) Yes you shall. =)

    <--Forgot how to cross out stuff. >.<
    I've already lodged a complaint. Nothing will happen though. Anyways I must drink now, so see you out there:

    On the Streets of Rage the forums :3
    I hate it cause it doesn't notify me like pm's. DX

    Thanks, but I won't be around as often as I used to be. I bought this laptop for schooling and such. I'll be on here and there though. :3
    New-fangled pointlessness is what it is. It's like having a private conversation in public.

    Anyways, welcome back~
    No my computer died and I just got a new one. What is this visitor messaging crap? I never seen this.
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