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    Just came across something.

    Here's what happened. I was trying to add a 16th watch to my list, and every time I did, it took my right into my watch list and would not add the new person. After that I decided to give up, and tried to click on my message center. Now I get this every time I click on it. "MySql ERROR...
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    FA Launching Start of December.

    Well, seeing that the new site is going to be up and running in a few days I won't really worry about it to much. I'll just know for future reference to never do that again LOL.
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    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    restating.......... Ok, I need to restate what has happened. I went into my FA settings and changed some things. Mostly wanted to see how good the filters worked. So I turned off a few different fetishes and all of the music. Now, if I am not logged into FA, I can see everything just fine. I...
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    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    Bug found. So yeah, I went through my settings yesterday and changed some options. Just to see what would happen. I went in and marked all the music so that it would not show up on FA, and now FA's page won't even load. Anyone else getting this problem?