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Hello. Thank you for looking at my profile.

I am mainly here to RP, but I can potentially pop into another thread if I can find something.

My expertise is short replies that range from a couple sentences to a few sentences, but I am able to do paragraph based RPs, though my replies will likely slow down as I try to think of something that I'd consider a good response, so apologies in advance for the inconveniences.

As for setting and genre, I have no preference for setting. Most of what I do is action/adventure and slice of life, but I have an interest in horror based things too. If you got other ideas on genre type, feel free to let me know. I'd be up for doing something new and different.

I got three furry main characters I have available to use.

Vispera "Vesper"
Vispera, professionally known as Vesper, is a male wolf, with dark grey fur. Deported from his home country for repeated offenses of violence and biting off more than he could chew with an attempt at thievery, the wolf had found himself in a new country, one with an intricate criminal underworld that he quickly found himself a part of. Soon he became a hitwolf, living a quiet life and working in the shadows, taking hits for those who hire him, whether it be a simple assault or petty theft, or something more sinister like a murder.

Amalgamation of Souls
A mysterious being made up of millions, if not billions of souls collected from many universes, this creature takes on the form of an anthropomorphic jackal, wearing a dark cloak that almost matches its fur. It roams around the land, searching for dangerous, potentially world altering artifacts, and taking up odd jobs as a hobby. When it is not roaming the land, it is on a watch across the multiverse for any world or universe ending/harming threat. This being is one of many similar creatures, whom run their own council to further watch the multiverse, to collect more items of danger while keeping it more secure. Of course, such a job has potential dangers, and even an amalgamation can snap. So while most of these creatures are benevolent at best and neutral at worst, there is always a chance that an evil, corrupted version of these things is roaming the galaxy, intent on destruction or further corruption.

Amarashi is a five tailed female kitsune who lives alone in the forest. Not much is known about her as a result, but what is known is that she tends to play pranks or annoy the living hell out of anyone who happens to come close to her. Not that she does it all the time, she can be quite friendly, if not quite mischievous, but once she's in the mood to prank or play around, there is not much stopping her from doing it. Perhaps that's why she was banished from her old home.

Note: While these are the three main furry OCs I got, I can repurpose them to a human setting if needed or requested, and I am willing to play more than one character as needed or requested.

That is all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Have a nice day.
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