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  1. phystro

    how to upload a high quality profile pic

    did it work ?
  2. phystro

    Favorite scary movie that isn’t horror?

    se7en on netflix, the usual suspects, cube. they are psychological thrillers so i wouldn't define them as horror films
  3. phystro

    feeling kinda silly

    feeling kinda silly
  4. phystro

    Dubs or subs?

    90% of the time subs. 10% of the time dubs just for the hilarious ones.
  5. phystro

    how to upload a high quality profile pic

    there are sites that can help you with that. of course i think some users have created their avatars especially for this use, so basically i think the quality of the picture does not drop. use this, tell me what the results are image.online-convert.com: Convert image to PNG