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  1. Pidovey

    Looking for an rping partner

    Hello! I’m aware your preference for roleplay is users above 18, but I’d be interested in SFW roleplay. You can contact me on Discord, Telegram or through FA forums if you so please. I’m a literate/competent roleplayer, I’m mostly interested in slice-of-life roleplay but I’m open to anything and...
  2. Pidovey

    Looking For Literate SFW RP Partner

    Awesome! I’ll let you know if I think of anything. Thank you so much for the interest!
  3. Pidovey

    Black Cat Femboy looking for SFW rp

    Hey! I do SFW roleplay and am interested. 16F.
  4. Pidovey

    Looking For Literate SFW RP Partner

    Hi! I’m looking for a SFW roleplay partner. I like slice-of-life furry roleplays and would prefer my partner be partially competent in writing descriptive paragraphs. I’m open to anything SFW so please reply if there’s any interest! :) I’m not sure if I’m looking for a long-term RP/partner or...