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    502 502 502 502 WHAT

    FA is provided as a free service to you. Quit yer bitching!
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    Server Colo Pictures - Courtesy of Net-Cat

    That thing at the top is a switch right? Kinda like a router? And those things at the bottom, those are like individual PC's, right? So what's up with each of the things on the bottom having multiple lan connections going into and coming out of them?
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    So what's all this hubbub about FurNation?

    You know what, I do believe you're on to something. Furnation going down in the same week that Dragoneer's pants exploded? Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Clearly Dragoneer needed money for new pants, and by causing Furnation to go down, he has ensured an influx of new users to FA who will...
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    So what's all this hubbub about FurNation?

    Well, it looks like Furnation is down for the count. That was quick! And nothing of value was lost.
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    So what's all this hubbub about FurNation?

    This is such a load of bullshit. Ask yourself, what possible motivation could Dragoneer have to get Furnation shut down? Furnation is a shithole from the Geocities era. At one time they were a big deal, but those days are long gone. Read here how they got hacked a couple years ago and...
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    Tyra Banks Show

    I gotta say I don't agree with the decision to ban Chewfox. I don't think what she did was good, or smart, but I also don't think folks should be banned/ostracized from the community for speaking publically about it. Imagine if the gay community tried to convince the world that being gay...
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    "Views" count for journals.

    I post a lot of journals with links, but since I only get the occasional comment in them, it's hard to tell if people actually enjoy them and read them daily, or if they're simply an annoyance to people who are simply watching me for my art. If FA told me how many page views my journal was...
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    It's been a little over a year since FA went down for database alterations...

    I'm sure we all remember the "brief outage" which occured on Jan 27, 2008 at 04:45 PM. The site was supposed to be back in ten minutes but here it is a year later and it's still down. :-(
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    Site's Broken

    Site unborken!
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    Site's Broken

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    FYI - Acceptable Upload Policy (AUP) Update

    What is a fill in the blank meme? That's not those questionaires people post in their journals I assume. Nor would I assume it's the blank squares where people have to draw something in each square, since that's artistic. So are we talking like, a comic where you have to fill in what the...
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    Suddenly getting error 502

    Forgot to account for the leap second in thr site code, did you?
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    Monthly Statistics: September 2008

    The ads make up the difference though, right? I mean if you get just three cents a click...
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    Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Re: The Great Pumpkin Massacre '08 Contest I think the t-shirt is more likely to result in questions. :)