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  1. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Ban The Person Above You.

    banned for not knowing what yiik is
  2. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Ban The Person Above You.

    banned for playing yiik unironically
  3. pilgrimfromoblivion

    (RP canceled)

    oh shit I completely forgot about this thread LMAO. sorry for ghosting both of you guys, a lotta bad and heavy stuff happened to me in between my last post in this thread and right now, in fact a few hours ago I was cleaning human feces off a bathroom floor. I'll see if I can slide into the RP...
  4. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Show me your vape setups.

    It's okay to be jealous of my fat juul rip
  5. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Name the worst fear of the user above

    The Angels of Death suck, BasicBitch Ultramarines are better. Your greatest fear is running out of RAAM.
  6. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Inflammatory Thread Simulator

  7. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Petty Confessions

  8. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Deep quotes

    we live in a society of robux
  9. pilgrimfromoblivion

    The wisky

    REAL homeboys drink Kool-aid. I'm talking Sharkleberry Finn. I'm talking the shitty cherry flavor. I'm talking GRAPE.
  10. pilgrimfromoblivion

    the island is gone

    the island is gone
  11. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    yo, when you guys r done screaming ill just take this win for safekeeping
  12. pilgrimfromoblivion

    s p a c e

    s p a c e