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    Playing with Stylization

    Giving out free art and playing with stylization. Post your characters! Also willing to do female NSFW, but must be specified if you want it. To be chosen, name your favorite pokemon! Hi guys, I'm a little bogged down with work right now, but I'll come back to this when I have more free time. :)
  2. PillowsandSnacks

    Shameless Publicity Stunt!

    Hey, do you still have slots open? Want to write about a demon alpaca female that can seduce any creature, but loves to seduce females especially? Kinda like the char in my prof pic? :)
  3. PillowsandSnacks

    Want something written for free?

    I agree with your conclusion, but disagree with your reasoning. As someone who's given out a whole lot of free art to different communities, and someone who gets a lot of free stuff IRL, I can pretty much safely say the people who get free stuff won't want to help you that much/ evolve into...
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    Free Pixel Art

    Here you go! www.furaffinity.net: Pixel Art for KutsiKats by PillowsandSnacks
  5. PillowsandSnacks

    Free Pixel Art

    Here you go! www.furaffinity.net: Pixel for featherw0lf by PillowsandSnacks
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    Free Pixel Art

    Hey, do you have any colors to go with your character?
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    Check out my dismally small FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pillowsandsnacks/

    Check out my dismally small FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pillowsandsnacks/
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    Free Pixel Art

    Finished! I decided to stick with the green hair. Also I made it a quick gif so if you click on him, you'll see him move. ^^ www.furaffinity.net: Gif for kidchameleon by PillowsandSnacks siiighhh I wish there was a way to rotate pixels without making them blurry and having to redraw them. ; ;
  9. PillowsandSnacks

    Free Pixel Art

    Ok cool! And did you want pink hair like your avi or green like in the pics?
  10. PillowsandSnacks

    Free Pixel Art

    OMG THAT IS SO ADORABLE GAHFHGfAHGF THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH!!! My heart is just stolen. XD Thanks! I'll post your piece soon! I just take any outfit from this sheet right? Or is there a specific outfit you wanted? www.furaffinity.net: Cham Redesign WIP by kidchameleon
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    Free Pixel Art

    Ahh, thanks XD I hope you end up liking yours. :)
  12. PillowsandSnacks

    Free Pixel Art

    Absolutely! Would you like to draw my character Svii?
  13. PillowsandSnacks

    Free Pixel Art

    Hey guys! I'm looking to do more pixel art! I don't have any examples to post up right now unfortunately. However when I do, I hope some of y'all are willing to do an art trade with me. ^^ At that time, I'll still do pixel arts for free, but I'll give priority to art trades. Here is my FA...
  14. PillowsandSnacks

    Looking to do an Art Trade

    Hi Haberdash, I finished with your character! www.furaffinity.net: Art for Haberdash by PillowsandSnacks