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    Your Opinion on Churches

    I try to attend church whenever I can, but I don't believe going to church is what solely makes you religious or a good person.
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    Fursuiting as a character that isn't my fursona?

    Like people said, others have multiple sonas and even get multiple fursuits for them. ^-^ I currently have three sonas: Suki, a wolf; PINK!, an Angel Dragon; and Harley, a tiger. ^-^
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    Why is SHE not being blamed?

    I know someone who also has a mental handicap that was restricted from what she could do normally, and ended up running away herself because she felt like she wasn't being treated fairly. They think a different way than we do, but when we treat them like they're completely incompetent (which a...
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    Why is SHE not being blamed?

    I work with the special needs kids at my school and it's what I want to make my career in.
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    Why is SHE not being blamed?

    Oh yeah, of course. I meant the partially functional ones. Even the ones who aren't really coherently functional should at least be talked to semi-normally.
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    Why is SHE not being blamed?

    When it comes to children that have a mental handicap, whatever it is, whether they're slower, plain retarded (for lack of a better word), autistic, what have you... You should treat them like they're the age they physically are. You should treat them like they're normal children. We see in this...
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    What were you almost named?

    I was almost named Mary-Kate because my sister's name is Ashley...
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    What originally got you into Furries?

    I pretended to be a dog a lot when I was a kid, and then a few years ago I stumbled across IMVU and made an animal "anthro" character on there. Then, three years ago, I figured out just what a furry was and got involved with the community.
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    Free Art!

    Thank you so much! It looks so cute!
  10. PINK!

    Free Art!

    Here's my fursona. :)
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    Taking some free requests

    If you want more practice, you can draw my fursona. :) She's pictured in my profile pic, except with another white stripe on her neck.
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    Why is this a thing??

    A lot of people are afraid of their friends or loved ones knowing they're a furry because of the all of the negativity associated with furries. (At least, that's how it is for me.) Most people assume all furries are perverts, or want to have sex with animals, or have sex in fursuits, or other...
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    i'm bored, send requests! [closed]

    Ohhhh my gosh I am so honored and having such a giggle fit over this!! It looks so good! Thank you so much! :D :D
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    Hello! I am new here.

    My friend drew it. ^-^ She's ecosentience on DeviantArt and wolfcomet on Tumblr.
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    Oh yeah!! I do that a lot too. Sometimes it makes it tastier. O.o