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  1. Pirooky

    Hiring: Breast Expansion YCH or Commission

    Hello! I'm open to commissions of this sort of thing, at 15 USD for a fullbody and fully shaded! Here's my thread about this sort of thing: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/cheap-commission-sale-headshots-5-usd-halfbody-10-usd-fullbody-15usd.1676466/
  2. Pirooky

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Cheap commission Sale! Headshots: 5 USD, halfbody: 10 USD, Fullbody: 15USD!

    Hello! I would really, really prefer some commissions- So, for a temporary time, I will be offering really cheap commissions! A Fully colored and shaded picture- Starting at 5 USD! Here's a link to my TOS (If you've looked at it before, take a look again. It's been updated!)...
  3. Pirooky

    Hiring: ($25+) Budget: $30 | LF: Colored Headshot Icon of Borzoi-esque Anthro Character

    Hey!! I can do exactly that - Shaded and all, for your budget! Either a digital painting, *or* a fully colored headshot. If you want to see my gallery, it's here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pirooky/ Here is my commissions thread, as well...
  4. Pirooky

    Hiring: Telegram Sticker Pack - Wolf

    Hello! I do NSFW art and as long as your wolf character is an anthro/furry, I'd be willing to do some telegram stickers! It's been forever since I was commissioned one, but I used to do them - My prices would be 15 USD per sticker ^w^ Here's my price sheet so you have some examples of what my...
  5. Pirooky

    Hiring: Looking To Commission!

    Hello!! I'm absolutely fine with Canon X OC ^w^ Here's my commission sheet. I am capable of imitating other art styles, including animal crossing! (I don't have any references on hand, sorry ;w; But I'd gladly still do it and will redo it until it suits your liking!) And here's my thread...
  6. Pirooky

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 30$ flat price YCH - Your character + Mine! (NSFW)

    I have a YCH going on where I'll draw your character (Any gender/sex) having 'fun' with mine, a Cat-Bat hybrid demon girl named Wysteria. It's unlimited slots, so don't worry about if you won't have an opportunity. Here's a link to it! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42213214/ (NSFW, 18+ only)
  7. Pirooky

    Hiring: 3 NSFW self ship couple pictures up to $50 each (CLOSED)

    Hello!! I'm open for commissions, and yours are in my price range - If you wanted some Fully colored and shaded pictures, it'd be $39 USD per picture and if you want a fancy background (e.g. a recreation of Gantu's ship) then it'd be just at your price ($49)! But if you just want something...