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  • :eek:

    I just saw your last message and I say yay
    Keep them furever :V

    Also, i can't help but agree purely because I'm not godawful at saxophone. I picked up my alto rental yesterday as a trade in for the horn rental...no regrets :3
    I use SAI simply because learning photoshop is like bashing my head against a wall until my brain goes squish and out my ears. o wo;;;
    o: Creepers gonna creep! Yey.
    The coloring's just a mix of Cel-Shading and gradients, with a outline highlight on everything. The line art I just trace from my messy smudgy sketches with my tablet o wo (Its tedious as hell).
    And awh! But I love lemon candies!
    o 3o''~ Nope! No one's ever told me that. x3''
    All I did was crop out the face from one of my drawings I have on my FA profile is all.
    Although, I kinda want in on that rainbow and candy spewing from your eyes though. c: It sounds amazing.
    I'm really not sure what major I'll go into. I've always thought I would go into a science, but lately I've been thinking my love of animals might make veterinary medicine a good option.
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