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    Bug/Site Problem: Search Not Functional

    There was a DDoS attack and all you care is that the search is not working? O_o
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    Dragonborn Ages

    A friend of mine loves Dragonborns, a race from D&D role play game. Now that the AUP has been updated, there is a doubt lingering... Since Dragonborn reach full development (100% adult, as an 18 years old human) but at the age of 15, Is an adult Dragonborn a cub?
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    Oh! Talking about trolling and powerful horse! http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/PowerfulHorse now updated! =3
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    Am I too lazy to post my own response? Fuck yeah seaking!
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    Your view on being petted or scritched.

    Oh, I love being petted, and getting a hand through my hair... *purrs...*
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    Rant Arts

    By one of the most talented girls on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2414912/ !!!
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    Favourite "Weird Al" Yankovic songs

    I'm between White and Nerdy or Amish Paradise
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    Also, if you are younger than 18, you shouldn't be watching mature arts. Just a tip.
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    Mature submission and mature filter

    Oh, I'm totally aware of that. Also that kids can use google to find "boobs" and some other cheap porn. I'm just a little bit lawful/neutral when it comes to the ToS. When that changes, I'll just couldn't care less about minors and pronz.
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    Oh, been checking the submission you are talking about. Yes, if it goes against the ToS and/or AUP you will get a lot of love from Lawful aligned users.
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    Remove the submission and post it again. No, comments cannot be blocked, but you can block the people making annoying comments.
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    Mature submission and mature filter

    So tecnically... can he post his mature art just by "forgetting" to add the mature filter? Isn't that a loop-hole?
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    Mature submission and mature filter

    Hi! I came along with this account http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jackmadness/ that belongs to a minor, he is 16 or 15, and he posted this submission without the mature flag http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2657937 The trouble ticket was opened and the mature flag was put on it, but I noticed a...
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    Comment Problem: Powerfullhorse and UFA

    Here, let me translate that for you "Ok, I want to expose the issue at this time regarding Powerful Horse and some members of the UFA (union furry argentina, roughly translated as argentinian furry union). I accept that PH has to be banned, but I wish to know why is PH's harassers are not...