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  1. piyotm

    (NSFW) Commissions open and Autumn Sale

    Commissions are open! I’m raising monies for my moving fund, I’ll be moving up to the Seattle area and need to start saving. Also as an autumn special: anything autumn-y colored or themed *including halloween* is 30% off. I am willing to draw extreme fetishes but they require a private fee...
  2. piyotm

    NSFW Pinups $60

    Commissions open! Lowest price option is solo character pinup, examples: Rare Shiny Tiger (NSFW) Hoodie (NSFW) Teggart the Tiger (NSFW) I specialize in male and futa characters. Here is my full commission sheet if you are interested in other options. email me at piyo.t.m@gmail.com for any...