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  • That's the one I've been using too. XD I had just happened to get two really nasty ones that ticked me off. Got lucky with the next three ones though.
    Happy birthday plantar, even though we have never talked to each other by spoken , or written words. (Am I seriously the only one who checks daily birthdays around here?!)
    Hehe, well thanks. And so I guess you saw that mess, huh? I made a right big deal out of things. I should invest more of my time into not convincing people otherwise, because no one wants to hear it, apparently.

    But ah whatever. The worlds moves on.
    I think you missed my metaphor.

    This relationship is over! *kicks you off his rocket ship* :v
    Uhm, my Skype is brigadier_bambi, and I am on. :D It may have been bambi.fa, but I'll need to recover that one, too.
    Also? Send me your info in a PM, and maybe we can talk sometime, either tonight or tomorrow. ^^ It's good to hear from you! And glad to hear you're opening up more. :D
    My facebook is getting blocked repeatedly.

    It's because I played the shit of Sim City Social lol. I want to see if I can't use Pidgin or something to talk to people. I'll have to see. :D
    Doing well. I've got to get a new messenger client. I could always go back to Skype, but I need a way to talk to people again. My aim got closed because it was an account that has been flying under the radar since ... oh, 2003. lol
    That's alright, they're not really necessary but I'm trying to write a story for mine so it'll help to have a decently written bio for him to have.
    Doing alright for the most part, been kinda busy and needed some time away from people online and off. Currently rewriting my fursona's bio, but taking longer than I'd like (Mostly because I keep forgetting about it)
    Hehe, I think everyone who can possibly gain weight is kind of in the same boat. :3
    I think for now I'm doing all I possibly can, I just need to stay motivated and take my time letting things work out.
    I'm always after friends to talk to for inspiration though! <3
    It's an older tabletop RP series, mostly modern day stuff with supernaturals trying to do their thing in the shadows. It can be quite interesting and entertaining, but the campaign my mate is running is having us go through the ages starting from the rise of Avalon. Some of my friends are on their third or fourth character, I'm still on my first.
    Adding onto that, it's actually made my mate apply that to a game we're playing for World Of Darkness so when my character reaches North America and meets the indians I'll be regarded as a wiseman/medicine man
    Yes, so long as they don't force their ideals and ways on others or persecute people for what they believe and etc. etc. Something that would require unity and the willingness to help other people for the sake of helping other people for something other than material reward and profit gain
    *Nods* Exactly, and although there are quite a few people who's ideals and ways of life are not exactly what I consider good or to my liking I understand that all people come from different walks of life and will always have different views of the universe, so the least I can do is try to hear them out and get to understand them and their views before making any final decisions.
    Thank you, though sadly it's something that doesn't account for much anymore these days by most people since it has no dollar value or not cool enough to have a show on MTV or anything like that. Then again, it's not supposed to be flashy, or popular, it's supposed to be somewhat hidden so people would actually have to take the time and effort to find it, then have the discipline to stick to it. Since most people don't want to, they make excuses and come up with whatever reason to avoid taking such a path in life.
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