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  • Yup, or people who would respectively walk their own path in life without trespassing too much into the lives of others unless absolutely necessary, showing compassion when there is none to be found, offering a paw when needed and striving for peace, balance and happiness without being at the expense of others well being or having to make others suffer.
    I don't really care if people know my religious beliefs, so long as they don't make a big deal out of it I don't care if they love, hate or even care about them.
    Yup, it gets quite stupid and ridiculous, though the same applies to people who are the Extreme Atheists as well. I mean the people who get all worked up over any mention of anything related to spirituality or religion stuff, pretty irritating people imo
    Luckily I have a family not big on religion, I have nothing against religion but I do have issues with a few of the people who claim to be religious but wind up twisting the values and doctrines of their faith so it justifies what their actions are by saying they were just doing they believe to be right.
    I really dislike those situations, though thankfully my family doesn't really do dinner parties and when they do it's usually only immediate family and not everyone from around the country and their friends.
    Yeah, not a fan of that but unfortunately there are times when it's unavoidable. >.<
    Don't worry about it Croc, it happens to everyone :3 And yeah, I know what you mean. Some of my friends and I were at a comic shop the other night for an Underdark campaign and there were people pulling up chairs right next to us to watch us play. Was kinda creepy...
    You don't seem like a pansy, I understand that each person has limits and things that they aren't well suited for dealing with. If I start getting on your nerves or say something out of line just let me know and I'll stop.
    I try, I love studying and reading up on philosophy as well as related topics. Amazing what conclusions have been drawn over time in so many situations, it's so interesting seeing the different kinds of people that have made impacts on history by sharing their views based on what they've seen and experienced in their own lives.
    I'd be sad and feel bad for a while, but I know I'd have to stay strong and move on
    *Nods* Yeah, why can't a dragon swoop in and raise some hell for a day here and there?
    Meh, it can be at times but mostly it's routine and pretty predictable. I'm hoping to change that sometime, hopefully sooner than later.
    I do, and people have shouted "NEO!" as they drove by. One moment of awesome with this, is when I went to the library dressed like that, and a black guy with round shades wearing a suit came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said "Neo, the matrix has you. It's time to wake up."
    Then when it gets colder, I wear a black trenchcoat. My nickname then becomes 'Neo'
    Me+Sunglasses+Vintage Military Hat= Intimidating, there's a pic of that on my FA now
    Hmm, only one it about two or three times and it's usually somewhat awkward but that's because I'm not that social but soon afterwards it got less awkward. Even though I'm still a pretty shy guy, I open up a bit more when I get to know someone better and the general response is I'm kinda cool ^//^ Just very quiet, standoffish and kinda intimidating looking sometimes.
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