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  • Aww, too bad you're so far away or you could join my friends and I when we play each week.
    Like I said, I understand. I enjoy it quite a bit, mainly because I'm interested in becoming an entertainer/actor and I love tabletop rp gaming
    *Nods* I'll let ya know as soon as it's posted, or you could just watch or check in occasionally.
    Well, glad you enjoyed it. Almost done with my first chapter for the series I've been meaning to start.
    Will do, in the meantime I'll be writing and whatnot. Uploaded a piece o' crap poem for practice
    Not yet, the artist had a lot to do already so it'll be a while before it's complete.
    I did, hung out with a lot of cool furs, saw some awesome fursuits, got myself a commission for my fursona at long last and raved hard for the first time in years. Kinda hard when my body's trying to adjust to the thin air and whatnot :p
    Not so much that it's a constant issue, but it's good to have just in case. The last two that I've been to weren't that bad, they've been sure to address that issue.
    Ya, one of the more foul smells I've had the misfortune of experiencing >.<
    For the people with the layer of con-stink about them, smelling like B.O. and rotten hot dogs among other things
    Not to a fur con, but I've heard mixed feelings about them so it should be interesting. Anime cons can be fun, though I've never been able to cosplay as anyone due to lack of knowing who I'd be best as so I just wear a collar and tail. Caution, when going to one I advise bringing a medical mask and putting a few drops of scented oil in it.
    Domo, I'm heading out there for a big fur con and meeting some friends. Hopefully I'll be able to do one more next month, though it won't be a fur con, it'll be an anime con.
    Not bad, getting ready for my trip to CO next Thursday and dealing with a few things here. I'm also trying to keep myself from getting too distracted from writing my story, already happened too much already >.<
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