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  • life's good bro, relaxing :> I'll be working on college stuff next week though. yourself?
    HNGH, YOU GOT 3.

    Pffffft, Ben & Jerry. That's fucking awesome.

    Ew, work. :c Have a good day at least!
    Dayum, 19?! Jesus Christ, and I thought it was a miracle for my small dog to live to almost 13!

    SENEGAL <3
    Awww! D: I'm sorry to hear that! It's never easy to lose a pet. :c At least you have lots of birds and stuff til then, though.
    I would have more than just 16 if I could. ;-; But I also have 2 dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. Oh, and a fish.
    Doing pretty well. And yourself?

    If you've got AIM or something, we can definitely chat it up a bit more personally. >.>
    Just sayin'.
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